Suffering of the voiceless, vulnerable and innocents

Continues unabated across nations and continents


Children groaning, maimed, disfigured, lying dead

By chemical attacks that inspire horror and dread


Traders in weapons of war and government hawks

Sense opportunity to sell and fire their tomahawks


Bombs hurled at the faithful kneeling before their Lord

By those who claim to worship a merciful and true God


Where the Cow is adorned, revered, worshipped and exalted

Even as humans are violated and innocents brutally assaulted


Rumours, half-truths and plain lies thrive in the post-truth day

As people lose loved ones, livelihoods and dignity by the day


But Messianic Hope rises and soars high  

In the unbroken Spirit of those who never say die




Anthony Dias SJ

Easter 2017, XISR, Nashik, India