Honours and Certificates Programme


Honours program is a specially designed course for students as a part of their Extra-curricular Credit.
Wherein short courses on topic such as Development, Displacement, Migration, Rehabilitation, Disaster-Management, and Nomadic Tribes & De-notified Tribes etc. are conducted.

Students are given an opportunity to explore, to do research on one of these topics. At the end of this course students will have to submit a Project on their respective topics.

Students will be assessed on the basis of their attendance, Project submitted followed by a Viva Voce.

Individuals who are not willing to be a part of Honours Program can attend this course as a Certificate Course. Assessment for this will be done similarly as for the Honours program.

Course for academic year 2013-2014 will be on Denotified Ttribes. The course begins in second week of January 2014.

Registration fee as applicable.

For more details contact: 022-22620426 or email us at xisr.mb80@gmail.com