Balwadis & SHG’s for NT/DNT


Reay Road, Grant Road railway bridge & Malad West

Type of work:

  • Taking women to hospitals for treatment.
  • Supportive education for children (balwadis) for Pardhi children
  • Helping youth to get rid of their drug addiction etc
  • Self Help Group of women especially bachat gut.
  • Helping children enter boarding and visiting them
  • Release of arrested Pardhis, who are always suspect/Human Rights.
  • Nonformal education for Pardhi children.
  • Skills training & Health care inputs for girls/women
  • Supportive education for Pardhi children (around 30 children)
  • Arranging medical and health care for these women.
  • Making documents such as ration cards,pan cards etc.

Reay road: 350 families

Grant Road railway bridges: 50 families

Vadala, near the  railway station: 200 families

Charni road and Marine lines: 100 families


Beneficiaries: Around 350 Families are going to benefit directly or indirectly from our interventions. Since some data from time to time would also be collected, larger society (mainstream) would be reached in terms of creating awareness about the vulnerability of these persons. This in turn would benefit these people.

The work with these people is of a pioneering kind. It would also be challenging given their difficult situation and prejudices of mainstream society and the administration.