Development, Displacement & Rehabilitation

Area of actual and potential conflict and unrest in society. Continued massive land acquisition for development projects
(dams, highways, SEZs, mining etc) in tribal areas.
Purpose of Research and Action:  To influence and affect state policies, support peoples’ movements, promote an ongoing critique of ‘development’, ‘Globalization’ ‘Political Religious Ideologies’ and finally to promote and enhance research in academia.

We have been developed a considerable amount of expertise on this subject;are consulted ; have been a part of the review teams that have studied this issue; have made presentations on research and findings on the national and international levels.

“Development And Its Human Cost”: Land Acquisition, Displacement And Rehabilitation of Tribals,(Rawat,2012)

by Fr. Anthony Dias SJ

Published by Rawat Publications, New Delhi, this book deals with universal phenomenon of development-induced displacement. Fr Anthony Dias is the Director of Xavier Institute of Social Research, Mumbai.

The book is available at ‘Book Fare’, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Those interested in having a copy, with some discount, may also contact him at