Research Publications

Displacement, development& rehabilitation

“Development and its human cost: Land acquisition, Displacement and rehabilitation of tribals, (Rawat, 2012)


  1. A study of seasonal migrantion of pawra adivasis, of shirpur: causes, consequences & future directions

Nomadic tribes & denotified tribes

  1. DEnotified tribes of Maharashtra-An educational study
  2. Lokdhara-a journal based on nt-dnt (in marathi)

Socio-cultural research

  1. A study of the impact of the interventions of reap on the major stakeholders: significant perceptions (stakeholders include children, women-teachers, shg women & society at large)
  2. The katkari adivasis & non-governmental organizations: a study of the impact of the work done by catholic organization of archdiocese of Mumbai in raigad,Maharashtra
  3. A study of economic, psycho-social and cultural conditions of indigenous people of dharavi island : with specific reference to six villages

Environment & climate change