I am …… Anamika

Most of my time is spent in the search for water

The little river in my village is gasping for breath

The wells are dry and and the cattle have passed away


I lost my Papa to stress, water-stress

He couldn’t take it anymore

My mother found him hanging from the tree

In our dried-up fields

Our struggle for survival has only intensified

I need to rush back home …..


Save Water

Save a Child, Save Anamikas

Save their Education

Save Cultures

Save precious Lives

Protect the Universal Human right to “Life with human dignity”

Contribute to the campaign of the Jesuits to provide immediate relief to the drought -stricken and the -migrants

Anthony Dias                                                                         Godfrey D’Lima

(Xavier Institute of Social Research)         (Maharashtra Prabodhan Seva Mandal)


(Appeal Letter attached)