Introduction to XISR

Founded in 1980, the Xavier Institute of Social Research& Action (XISR) is a Social Science Institute that focuses on regional and applied research issues of social concern. It works in collaboration with the Social Science departments of the College to provide an effective research and outreach programme.

XISR regularly conducts sessions, research and deliberations in 5 major areas:  Migration, Disaster management, Nomadic and De-Notified tribes, Environment and Climate change as well as Development, Displacement and Rehabilitation. Promotion of the Intellectual Dimension specifically through research, documentation, debates, seminars, writers’ workshops, cultural fests and kavi sammelans and teaching, in keeping with the Mission of the Society of Jesus.

Primary beneficiaries of this endeavour are to be the disprivileged, dispossessed and marginalized.


To improve the lives of less privileged groups by highlighting their needs and challenges through research, discussion and debate.


In keeping with the Mission of the Society of Jesus, XISR aims to:

  • Promote the intellectual dimension of social work through research, debates, seminars, writers’ workshops, cultural and literary fests and teaching.
  • Improve the lives of and empower the underprivileged, dispossessed and marginalized.