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Founded in 1980, the Xavier Institute of Social Research & Action (XISR) is a Social Science Institution that focuses on regional and applied research issues of social concern. It works in collaboration with the Social Science Departments of the College to provide an effective research and outreach programme. Its present Director, Dr. (Fr.) Anthony Dias S.J. has a Ph.D. in Law with special emphasis on environmental issues.

XISR regularly conducts sessions, research and deliberations in 5 major areas: Migration, Disaster management, Nomadic and De-notified tribes, Environment and Climate change as well as Development, Displacement and Rehabilitation.

Recent News

The Long March ….Nashik to Mumbai by foot (Stations of the Cross)

For the Right to Live With Dignity And to Rise with Him For All Eternity Anthony Dias sj, XISR, Nashik/ 2018   The Long March From Nashik to Mumbai: 40,000 Adivasi farmers, 180-km march, and a wish-list                 Maharashtra Farmers' Stir Intensifies; Thousands...

The Prince of Peace

Bethlehem’s Prince of Peace sends out a message To the leaders and elders of this day and age Who build magnificent statues, in memory of heroes Forgetting their own people, in hunger throes And displace people from their land and livelihood In the name of...

Suffering & Hope

Suffering of the voiceless, vulnerable and innocents Continues unabated across nations and continents   Children groaning, maimed, disfigured, lying dead By chemical attacks that inspire horror and dread   Traders in weapons of war and government hawks Sense...